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Bike Track Combos

Our goal here at Park Supplies Playgrounds is enable your children to develop into competent cyclists with skills, knowledge and experience to safely ride on New Zealands roads and off road trails.

Bike Track Combo Three

Incorporated range of Bike Skills Obstacles to provide enhanced challenge to your bike tracks.

The Riding Track

The riding track usually follows the very outer edge of your schools playing field so as not to interfere with the established rugby and soccer fields etc.
Some schools have designed tracks that go part way around the field and then double back and return parallel to the starting point. It is possible for large numbers (50+) of children to ride at any one time.

Many schools use the main riding track for not just biking but also fitness and running. Construction of the Riding Track is usually made with limestone or similar local product with the following specs.

Park Supplies can build your Riding Track complete with Skills Course

Benefits for your students, families and community!

  • Improved health and fitness.
  • Additional teaching opportunities.
  • Improved coordination and spatial awareness.
  • Greater confidence.
  • Increased Resilience
  • Developed awareness of road safety.
  • Alternative method of travel to school.
  • Opportunity for family members to learn to ride.
  • Family oriented activities for each year group.
  • Bike trails are a community asset.