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Matipo Primary Playground
The "BIG PLAN" Playground Now a Reality

Matipo Primary adds adventure and physical development to school playgrounds.

Hollie Colegate has always had a passion for the community out west in Te Atatu Peninsula.

It is a special place for those who live there and the community around one of their Primary Schools, Matipo Primary, has always been a highlight for Hollie.

In true community style, the new Matipo Primary Playground came about through the community coming together to raise the money for the school.

“It is this passion for fitness that led Hollie to lead the charge for the schools brand new playground. The school had decided to apply to the Waitakere Trusts Million Dollar Mission for funding for some shade sails to cover their existing playground structure. On consultation with staff however, it became clear that there was a real need for an additional playground. The existing playgrounds at the school were junior playgrounds and senior students did not have much that was suitable for them.

The idea of a senior school playground focused on balance, strength, mobility, and adventure appealed to Hollie and she became the self-appointed ‘application director’ to the Million Dollar Mission.

With only one week until applications closed, Hollie had to move quickly to get the 3 quotations required.

Park Supplies & Playgrounds - Testimonial
Hollie was impressed with how Jenny took the time to look around the school to assess what they needed and could do.
Park Supplies & Playgrounds - Testimonial

With the site visit complete and a tight turnaround required, Jenny provided Hollie with a proposal for a playground that utilised several of Park Supplies & Playgrounds pre-set designs and equipment. These included an Orex Spinner, the Shute Playground along with a series of balance and strength activities.

A modern and exciting playground becomes a reality for Matipo Primary.

The application was submitted, and the waiting then began. The Million Dollar Mission has very specific criteria to meet for getting funding.

Once a community project is approved by the Million Dollar Mission it is then over to the community to ‘raise’ the money by getting people to vote for their project. Money is then allocated based on these votes.

The Matipo Playground was successful in getting allocated $38,000 and now the race was on to get the community to vote on the playground. With the help of some parents who ran their own Social Media and PR company Hollie and the Matipo community set about getting the votes they needed.

Park Supplies & Playgrounds Testimonial

The focus for Hollie now turned to fundraising for the remaining money to build the full playground. By a stroke of luck, the Million Dollar Mission reallocated some of their funds and gave everyone successful in applying for programme a further 60c for every dollar raised. Matipo ended up with a total of $61,000 of funding from the Million Dollar Mission.

Matipo School Orex Spinner
The Orex Spinner was a 'Must Have' for the kids at Matipo Primary
Park Supplies & Playgrounds Testimonial

The Matipo community steps up.

Fundraising for the additional money came from the community and soon Hollie was able to present the new plans for the playground to the students. They looked at the brochures and helped to finalise the plan for the playground.

With the playground now installed and kids eagerly awaiting the opportunity to play on the new playgrounds, Hollie is thrilled with the result.

Park Supplies & Playgrounds Testimonial

And of working with Park Supplies & Playgrounds Hollie has this to say, “Jenny has been fantastic. Her enthusiasm for our playground was evident at the start and her communication throughout the process has been terrific. The guys who installed the playground were wonderful and everyone enjoyed having them onsite”.

Park Supplies & Playgrounds Testimonial


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