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Ranui Primary School
An amazing playground captures the essence of a diverse and inclusive school.

Ranui Primary School is an active part of the community in West Auckland. They are an extension of this rich and diverse community and committed to working together to create a better future.

Watch the Ranui Primary opening video below.

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When Deputy Principal Allisa Holbrow first had the idea to deliver a new playground for the school, it was important to her to ensure it represented the ideals and core values upheld by the school.

The opportunity arose and the dream became a reality when Trusts Waitakere offered available funding. Not wishing for this opportunity to pass them by, Allisa and her team worked extremely hard to bring this dream to life. 

They dedicated their own time and resources to fundraise and pooled the results of their efforts…and so the journey to a new playground began.

The colourful playground captures the essence of the diversity at Ranui Primary and its surrounding suburbs.

Dreaming up their 'Perfect' playground.

Allisa and her very passionate Senior management team engaged Park Supplies Playgrounds to design the perfect playground for Ranui Primary school.

Ranui is culturally diverse school and has a vision to be a happy, healthy, harmonious, high achieving school where everyone feels respected, valued and cared for. This belief guided their partnership with Parks Supplies to deliver an amazing playground that offered a range of experiences for their students.

Their focus on inclusivity led them to invite ideas and activities from their students to be considered as part of the design process. Parks Supplies were more than happy to design a playground that not only enhanced the school but also reflected the values and vision of its children and staff.

Park Supplies & Playgrounds Ranui Primary Playground
The children were central to the design and construction process of the Ranui Primary School playground. Park Supplies and Playgrounds conducted consultation focus groups and engagement with the children of the school to ensure they got exactly what they wanted in their new playground.

An amazing playground design began to take shape from the wide range of ideas and suggestions received. The final design included a curved leg swing with a fully inclusive lilli-pad basket, a huge orex spinning and climbing cone for up to 40 children at a time, a fitness and agility area complete with monkey bars, spider web climber, upper-body activities and a bright blue spiral tube slide. It was representative of all the best ideas from the student leaders and was colourful, energetic and dynamic.

Commenting on the whole experience, Alissa shared,

"The playground is vibrant and offers a range of different experiences for our Tamariki, which is inclusive for all of our children and promotes fitness, social interaction and physical ability. Park Supplies & Playgrounds were absolutely amazing to work with!’"
Park Supplies & Playgrounds Ranui Primary - Alisa Holbrow - Deputy Principal
Alissa Holbrow
Deputy Principal, Ranui Primary School

Of course, for any school, safety is just as important as fun, and Ranui were no different. Park Supplies ensured that the playground was not only a fun place, but also a safe place for the children. They incorporated a brand-new safety surface constructed of timber edging and certified cushion-fall woodchip. The entire school community can now enjoy a fantastic play experience that’s as entertaining as it is safe.

Park Supplies & Playgrounds Ranui Primary Playground
On the day the Ranui Primary School playground opened the children were excited and eager to give their new play space a try.

Hard work brings a community together with a fantastic playground solution

In order to reach its full potential, this project required the dedication and passion of all the parties involved. It was clear from the very beginning that everyone wanted to deliver something amazing. From the Trusts Waitakere, to the school and board of trustees and finally the Parks Supplies team – nothing short of amazing was the goal.

‘You only have to look at the happy faces of the students as they play to know that we delivered on that goal,’ shared Jenny Mullins Park Supplies. ‘There is no doubt that the playground is a huge asset to their students as well as to the wider community. It was such a pleasure to work with Ranui on this project.’

All the hard work was certainly worth it, and the school now has a wonderful additional legacy to offer all students and to support its vision for a happy, harmonious and healthy future.

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