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Movable play equipment for supervised early childhood.


Hikuwai Combo

$12,960.00 Price Excl GST

Product Code: PBC25

Items included:

  • 2x Big Blox
  • 2x Middle Blox
  • 1x Stage Blox
  • 1x Little Blox
  • 1x Big Slide
  • 1x Stage Ramp
  • 1x Gladiator Rings
  • 1x Overhead Ladder
  • 1x Rope Bridge with Handrails
  • 1x Ladder Bridge with Hand Rails
  • 1x Plank Bridge
  • 1x Balance Beam
  • 1x Spiders Web
  • 1x Rope Net
  • 1x Rockwall
  • 1x Thin Step

Area needed: 9.9m x 7.2m

Max FHF: 1.2m

PlayBlox-Over 2s Combo

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