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Henderson Primary School Case Study

Starting in November 2014, An inspirational senior teacher and her class at Henderson Primary School approached Park Supplies. They wanted us to be involved in creating the perfect senior playground for their school. The Park Supplies design team met with the class and discussed what was important to them. Making sure that they get exactly what they wanted to be included in the design of the new playground. As a result of this initial meeting, the Park Supplies team created two design options. The first design proposed was the Big Kahuna playground with a spinning cone called the Lunar. The dynamic movement of the Lunar had been flagged as being a very important feature for the children.

Process of elimination

Because the class loved the design of the Big Kahuna, but were restricted due to funding restrictions. For that reason they decided on the second design option which was Wakaaranga playground with a Lunar. As a result this option was more cost-effective while still meeting all of the children’s wants and needs. Once the design was given the green light, applications were made to get the necessary funding.The school worked with a professional funding facilitator and within a year they had enough funding to proceed with the building of their new playground.

In conclusion

Notably the Board of Trustees were very supportive certainly in regards to the huge time investment of the senior teacher and the children. As a result the process from the initial meeting to the installation of the playground took nearly two years. At the opening of the playground, the school invited the children who had started the project. Due to the original students who started the project had since left the school. In conclusion it was a fabulous opening and it is truly an awesome senior playground. Certainly a great outcome for a very deserving school.

Dianne Harrison - Principal

"We selected Park Supplies, not just for their design,

but also because their products are New Zealand Made

and we wanted to support the local economy."