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PolyPlay Personalised Panels

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PolyPlay is a unique material exclusive to Park Supplies that allows us to fully personalise your playground. Our in-house design team can take your logo, motif, important words or sketches and convert these to CNC engraving onto the panels of your playground. We can customise rockwalls, panels, carousels, Fitness Trails or any item with panelling on.

Colour Options


Graffiti resistant and UV stabalised polyethylene is available in two colour choices, lime green and sky blue.

Custom Routering

Park Supplies offers a unique custom routering service, which means your playground can be fully customised for your school at very little additional cost.


PolyPlay Durability

Unique co-extruded polyethylene. Will not delaminate.

UV stabalised, protection against fading. 

Graffiti resistant, impregnable material for ink.

Tough and durable made in New Zealand. 12mm thick.

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