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Hercules Rope

Park Supplies Playgrounds Hercule's Rope

Hercules Rope is a tough and durable steel stranded, low abrasion polyester covered rope we use on all climbing activities such as rope nets etc. The 16mm rope diameter ensures compliance to the grip requirements of the NZS5828:2015 safety standard. Hercules rope is attached using our exclusive and innovative junctions and terminations which allows for easy and cost effective future maintenance and replacement.

Rope Junction Fittings

Our egg and tee junctions are purpose made for playgrounds with large smooth radius corners, made from injection molded nylon they are extremely durable and comfortable to play on.

Easy Replacement

The forward-thinking design of our components means replacing individual parts on site is just as easy as replacing individual rope sections.

Polyester Yarn Covering

Every steel strand is coated in a high quality woven polyester yarn, constructed from low abrasion materials, and has a very high colour and UV durability.


Tamper proof, Spax Torx Stainless Steel Screws.


All our aluminium rope fittings are regulary pull tested in both straight and angle pulls, to ensure stability
and robustness.

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