Park Supplies Playgrounds

Stonefields Primary Case Study


School Senior Playground

Following an intensive, two-year fundraising programme, Stonefields school opened its new senior playground.We worked with the school to design a playground project that was an end-to-end solution from the design work, play equipment, rubber matting and site installation. Ideas for the playground involved input from the children, although there wasn’t always agreement, Diane Harrison from Stonefields school says. “Sometimes what the adults want and what the kids want is quite different. For example, the kids wanted a flying fox, but it didn’t fit in the space allocated, plus it was only one item and only one child can use it at a time, which wouldn’t give us maximum benefit from the money we were spending.”


She said the board selected Park Supplies, not just for their design, but also because their products are New Zealand made and they wanted to support the local economy. One of the notable features of the surface area is the incorporation of hexagonal shapes, which is a theme, reflected throughout the school. Another significant aspect of the playground design is the affirmations climbing walls on which the school’s seven learner qualities are presented. These are: Be Determined, Think, Question, Wonder, Reflect, Be Self Aware and Connect. “The bright green, blue and silver colour scheme fits in with the schools colours.”


Adam Stride of Park Supplies says what’s most notable to him about the Stonefields School senior playground is that it’s 100 per cent New Zealand made, as Park Supplies does not import any playground equipment, providing cost-effective products, made locally using nearly all New Zealand-made materials and labour.


We selected Park Supplies, not just for their design, but also because their products are New Zeland made and we wanted to support the local economy

Dianne Harrison - Principal