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Product Code: FS823

Physical Size: 2.7mtr x 10.2mtr x 10.8mtr

Physical Height: 2.7mtr (above surface)

Loose Fill Surface Area Required: 14.1mtr x 13.9mtr

Synthetic Surface Area Required: 14.1mtr x 13.9mtr

Free Height of Fall: 2.7mtr

Age: 7-13 yrs

Capacity: 35

Use: Outdoor Recreation Areas


Combining all the most popular fitness and agility activities into a continuous circuit.

The kitset includes:

  • Gladiator rings
  • Rockwall
  • 1500 straight slide and barrier
  • Log bridge
  • Dragons back bridge
  • Overhead ladder
  • Gauntlet climber
  • Battle climb
  • Spidaz web
  • Jungle crossing
  • Decks

This equipment is designed to help children build their confidence on a variety of challenging playground activities. It also allows each child to select a play area which suits their own needs. This system is ideal in helping children develop upper and lower body strength as well as hand eye coordination.

Activity placement has been specifically designed to allow good flow through with multiple entry and exit points, preventing bottleneck points which could lead to injury.

This equipment features:

  • MOLDED PLASTICS Durable UV stabilised polyethylene.
  • POST CAPS Durable molded heavy plastic caps – keeps water out.
  • POSTS Can be supplied in either 4×4 Grade 1 Pine or 90mm galvanised and powdercoated steel posts
  • ENTRAPMENT All dimensional gaps are probed and checked for entrapment
  • ROPE & FITTINGS Hercules combination rope and unique fixings with stainless steel screws
  • WELDS All welds are sealed with a layer of zinc shield prior to powder coat.
  • CONNECTIONS All pipe work to post connections have a separation cap to minimise potential rust
  • POLYETHYLENE Routered polyethylene plastic panels.
  • FASTENINGS Fastenings are cap covered or stainless steel button head fasteners if uncapped.
  • DECKS Steel frame with Timber slats and attached using stainless steel spax screws
  • STEELWORK Steel work is made from galvanised PE pipe
  • PROTECTION COATINGS SYSTEM Park Supplies offers a unique and durable coatings system, which includes pre-galvanised materials, then a layer of zinc shield is baked on ensuring thickness and adhesion. A final polyester colour layer is applied and baked. This exclusive coatings system will ensure your investment lasts for many years to come!


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