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Gym Guru – Seated Leg Press

Gym Guru – Seated Leg Press

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Gym Guru – Seated Leg Press

  • A strength movement which works the quadriceps, hamstring, gluteus maximus and calf muscles
  • Resistance adjustment changes the intensity of the exercise
  • Commonly accepted as a core strengthening lower body exercise movement

GymGuru makes New Zealand’s most robust and innovative outdoor gym equipment. GymGuru’s equipment is designed by specialist engineers using the highest quality materials to maximise longevity, reduce maintenance and make sure it’s safe. Our equipment also has a patented mechanism that allows anyone to adjust the equipment easily – a first of its kind. This means our clients can have high confidence in the suitability of their investment and the equipment can be relied upon to last.

All our equipment has been designed and independently assessed for bio-mechanic fit and prevention of injury risk:

• Non slip foot placements
• Prevention of free swinging appendages
• No pinch points
• Ergonomically approved ranges of movement
• Total enclosure of mechanical parts

  • All product complies and exceeds safety certifications and standards:NZS5828:2004 New Zealand standard.