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Park Supplies Ltd takes playground safety very seriously. All of our playground products are designed and built in accordance with NZS 5828:2015 playground equipment and surfacing standard.

NZS5825:2015 Playground equipment and surfacing Foreword

This standard is intended to promote and encourage the provision and use of playgrounds that are well designed, well-constructed, well maintained, innovative, and challenging. Play is essential to the healthy development of children. Through independent or cooperative play, children are able to learn about themselves and their environment, while stimulating their creative, emotional, and physical development.

Children interact with playground equipment in a way that will vary depending on the child’s age and level of development. The primary aim of any playground should be to stimulate a child’s imagination, provide excitement and adventure in safe surroundings, and allow scope for children to develop their own ideas of play. Ideally playgrounds should encourage development of motor skills and present users with manageable challenges to develop physical skills and to find and test their limits.

It should be understood that children will often lose interest in equipment that does not challenge them, and that children will experience minor injuries as they grow and learn, in playgrounds and away from them. This standard does not eliminate the need for supervision of children in playgrounds.

Neither does this standard purport to address all the hazards associated with playgrounds, or attempt to provide playgrounds that will meet the needs of all children for developmental challenge and growth. However, developing and maintaining a playground in accordance with this standard will help minimise the risk of serious injury occurring.

This standard applies to all playgrounds and playground equipment (excluding equipment for domestic purposes) including nature play or natural playgrounds that have been artificially created or enhanced.

Risk & Challenge

It is not the purpose of the requirements of this standard to lessen the contribution that playground equipment makes to the child's development and/or play, which is meaningful from an educational point of view. This standard acknowledges the difficulties of addressing safety issues by age criteria alone because the ability to handle risk is based on the individual users' level of skills and not by age. Risk-taking is an essential feature of play provision and of all environments in which children legitimately spend time playing. Play provision aims to offer children the chance to encounter acceptable risks as part of a stimulating, challenging and controlled learning environment. Play provision should aim at managing the balance between the need to offer risk and the need to keep children safe from serious harm.

Respecting the characteristics of children's play and the way children benefit from playing on the playground with regard to development, children need to learn to cope with risk and this may lead to bumps and bruises and even occasionally a broken limb. The aim of this standard is first and foremost to prevent accidents with a disabling or fatal consequence, and secondly to lessen serious consequences caused by the occasional mishap that inevitably will occur in children's pursuit of expanding their level of competence, be it socially, intellectually or physically.

Park Supplies Partnership with Playsafe Consulting Ltd

Our commitment to playground safety has formed a partnership with Playsafe Consulting Ltd.

Playsafe is a professional services provider that specialises in providing playground safety inspections, design consultation and standards training throughout New Zealand. Playsafe's aim is to ensure children enjoy themselves, grow and develop through safe play.

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