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Whangaparaoa Primary

Whangaparaoa playground by Park Supplies Playgrounds

School Senior Playground

Whangaparaoa Primary School Case Study

Over the last year, our children have been working with Park Supplies Playgrounds to create their dream playground. They chose Park Supplies due to their competitive pricing, great design, and willingness to work with the children through the project.

Working with your school

Jenny Mullins worked with our children informing them about different designs. What things cost and what they could achieve for their budget and safety.

Through this guidance our children took control of the project. Presenting a plan and design to our Board of Trustees. Visiting Park Supplies Playgrounds to check on the construction of equipment and opened the playground recently. I am sure this is one of the most memorable learning experiences they will have through school. The children are also very proud when they see the community playing on "their" dream playground every day.

Case Studies

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"From a management perspective, Park Supplies Playgrounds looked after us with pricing, they were ahead of time with project completion and were very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them for consideration of any playground plans."

Kevin Cronin - Principal