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Did you know?

There have been some safety changes to the playgrounds standard?

Deck impact pads - Why they are important

One of the most recent changes to the standard is all about

protecting children from brain injuries if they fall

from an overhead activity onto a wooden deck.

All playground manufacturers in NZ now make their playground

equipment with impact pads on any decks that have overheads

off them such as monkey bars / twister rings / gladiator rings /

flying fox (monorails) and skywalkers.

Installed Impact pad

Rubber Deck Pad 300x300

Rubber pads help prevent serious injury.

Unprotected wooden deck

Wooden Deck 300X300

Risk of falling backwards onto unprotected decks is high!

Installed Impact pad


Rubber pads help prevent serious injury.

Deck Impact Pads are also necessary on decks that have a ladder off them which are  more than a metre high. The risk of falling backwards onto them and causing injury is high.

On older playgrounds we can retro fit 60mm thick rubber deck pads that will prevent serious injuries from falls. We make these to order as every deck is a different size and shape and then fit them for you if necessary.

If you need advice in this area please just get in touch.


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Selecting your your playground surface

Surface 300x300 (2)

Every playground needs a safety surface to suit the children, the environment, the budget and the needs of the school.

But where do you start?

How you can extend the life of your playground.


With an increasing school roll over the last few years the Principal realised the need for a larger playground.
St Joseph’s knew their playground was in good condition, but they needed more equipment and experiences
for their children to play on.

Whangaparaoa: Creating their dream playground!


Working with the children to design their dream playground, Park Supplies focused on
delivering an experience that was inclusive and educational for the children and adults involved.