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Clearview Primary School

Clearview Primary School

Clearview school play ground by Park Supplies Playgrounds

School Senior Playground

Clearview Primary School Case Study

With the outstanding growth of Clearview Primary School came the need to design and build a significant sized dedicated senior playground. From the outset the school wanted something remarkable and we embarked on custom designing an incredible playground for them.

We started the process by working with the Parents and Friends group and then skyping into a group of senior pupils to get their suggestions and feedback on early designs. From there we worked with Principal Rob Rush to tweak the design even more and ended up with this amazing dynamic design. The incorporation of bright colours on the equipment and matting make it really “pop”!

"Park Supplies clearly enjoy what they do and they shared our enthusiasm for this project with us. It has been a smooth project to bring to life - made even easier by their creative and professional approach."

Rob Rush - Clearview Primary School Principal