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Park Supplies has been a supplier to the park and playground industry for well over 20 years having supplied a comprehensive range of top quality, 100% New Zealand made playground equipment and park furniture to councils, schools, child care centres, kindergartens and landscape architects.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, quality, innovation, robustness and durability. We take very seriously the requirements of safety and standards, aesthetic appeal and challenge. 

As well as being one of New Zealand’s leaders in quality and design, we are one of the largest stock suppliers of replacement parts for playgrounds. Supported by an experienced and professional Design, Consultation, Engineering and Service team, that are committed to providing the best service to our customers throughout New Zealand and beyond. 

We also own and operate Playsafe which provides professional services relating to playground safety, compliance, testing, training and inspections. 

As part of our customer service commitment, we offer a comprehensive warranty on our standard systems and products.

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Our Team

Park Supplies Ltd acts in a ethical, responsible, and sustainable way to create a profitable business that is respected by our peers and our partners.

Park Supplies has a positive working environment where people are recognized for their value, encouraged to achieve their potential and are proud to be part of the Park Supplies team.




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Park Supplies play equipment is 100% New Zealand designed and manufactured in-house at our Auckland factory.

We are very proud to NOT import any playground activities from overseas. Where possible we source materials that are local and sustainable with environmental thought consciousness.


Park Supplies is proud to have our very own dedicated installation team covering the bulk of our installations nationwide, where this is not possible we have a trained network of experienced and skilled sub-contractors.

Health & Safety

Park Supplies is committed to providing a high level of Health and Safety work practices to our staff , customers, sub-contractors and the public.

We operate a very comprehensive and compliant Health & Safety workplace system. Copy of our H&S Manual and certification is available above.

Park Supplies is certified to PREQUAL Category 2 (96%), also with ACC Work Practices WSMP secondary level and are SITEWISE approved contractors.



Park Supplies is committed to providing comprehensive cover. We are a fully insured company underwritten by QBE insurance and use Crombie Lockwood as our business insurance broker and currently have the following policies renewed yearly:

Public Indemnity Cover: $5,000,000
Professional Indemnity: $1,000,000

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All equipment is designed and manufactured at our Auckland factory and is designed in accordance with the New Zealand Playground Safety Standard NZS5828:2015 all parts.

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RPII Accreditation

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) examines, accredits and certifies individual inspectors for Indoor, outdoor, enclosed and inflatable playground equipment.

Park Supplies is proud to have 4 staff accredited with the RPII and is an approved examination centre for New Zealand inspector training.

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Playsafe is our safety & compliance wing of the company, owned and operated by Park Supplies as a separate brand to clearly identify services relating to play safety, compliance, testing, training and inspections.

Playsafe inspectors are internationally accredited to the Register of Playground Inspectors International (RPII). We have one Indoor enclosed play inspector, one outdoor Annual Level 3 Inspector and two Outdoor Operational Level 3 Inspectors as part of our team.

We also provide HIC surface impact testing and are an approved Level 2 examination centre for the RPII in New Zealand.

Replacement Parts

Park Supplies carry the largest stocked range of replacement parts for all makes and models of playgrounds in New Zealand. We have a solution for just about any issue ever likely to come up in playgrounds.